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Guns of the Trick or Treaters (Last One I Swear) :iconanimefan940:animefan940 2 2 Albertos Crash Corse On Curses :iconanimefan940:animefan940 2 1 Darth Mopious and SlugMaul Make a Porno :iconanimefan940:animefan940 5 0 NGS The Phantom Stain Shakrelanthropus :iconanimefan940:animefan940 3 1 NGS V Phantom Ketchup :iconanimefan940:animefan940 3 6 7,000 View Special! :iconanimefan940:animefan940 1 0 Turn Aids Gunbum: The Pozing :iconanimefan940:animefan940 1 0
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Lick.jpg :iconanimefan940:animefan940 4 0
Top Ten Anime Betrayals :iconanimefan940:animefan940 3 1 No Negotion :iconanimefan940:animefan940 3 1 West Side Girls :iconanimefan940:animefan940 3 1 Shakre On the Streets :iconanimefan940:animefan940 3 1 The Waifu War Lord :iconanimefan940:animefan940 3 1 Smug Sip :iconanimefan940:animefan940 2 2 Tharja Maniac :iconanimefan940:animefan940 7 4 NSG Solid: The Torture Scene :iconanimefan940:animefan940 3 2

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Guns of the Trick or Treaters (Last One I Swear)
(Putting this back up after talking to Farley and getting his O.K.)
After the discourse of the Trick r' Treaters AI has been resolved, Big Sweet and Tommy have one final confrontation.
Albertos Crash Corse On Curses
For :iconaids-man: of Alberto Barbosa teaching a class (of one because I'm lazy) on The Curse.
Darth Mopious and SlugMaul Make a Porno
After watching Episode one you need time to reflect with beer and Pizza Roles.
NGS V Phantom Ketchup
:icontommydickles: As Tommy Miller
:iconaids-man: As Adam Alberto Ocelot
:iconpale-tuna: As Psycho-Tuna
Sniper Chiaki
The German On Fire
Skull Burglar
:iconfarleysweet: As Tainted Ketchup (Big Farley)
The Parasite Unit
7,000 View Special!
I wasn't gonna do a Free Commission season for March since I forgot and kinda wanted to work on my own things like PSR and masturbation for my birthday, but I think its equally fun to draw other peoples ideas too, so c'mon down and give me an ol' slap on the cheeks.…
Turn Aids Gunbum: The Pozing
Free Commission for :iconaids-man: showing the epic battle for control of NSGM with Aids man using his Moonlit Butterfly to spread HIV over Fright-side, with a powerless :iconfarleysweet: forced to watch in what ever gungun that villain from the Turn A series was in.
Top Ten Anime Betrayals
Requested by :iconfarleysweet:
depicting an obese Hex Maniac strangling :icontommydickles:
For what?  I dunno Jams and Jelly's?
West Side Girls
Tell me if you heard this one, two gods and an octopus walk into a bar...
A little alternate version of a previous picture I did, even adding :iconaoinopaladin: in the mix.
Shakre On the Streets
Shakre doing what she does do, and thats drinking and smoking in alley ways with a mute land octopus.
Livin' the dream.
For :iconshakrekanf:
The Waifu War Lord
free commission for :iconispilledmyketchup: of him lounging on his throne, in the world he laid to waste.
Share you waifus god damn it.
Smug Sip
Free Commission for :icontherandom500: of Kyoko (from Madoka Magica) taking a little sip of tea during her down time.
Also lines ---___--_-__--_----
NSG Solid: The Torture Scene
Foolish man. He prayed for sweets, and it found him. You see, Farley? You can't protect anyone, not even yourself!
All credit for Liquid goes to :iconfrangilleece:
and Solid Farley to the superior clone (genetically) :iconfarleysweet:
Plastic Spider Run Pg. 17 Ch. 2
Alright see you guys in like, I dunno two months until the next chapter?  Anyways, I didnt really like this one until I got my shit together around the end, I should start taking more time when I make these.
1. What the heck, Jimmy actually has a good voice actor.
2. Big Krisp Kandy Bars
3. 4:32 did they just defile tombstones for a flash back gag?  Fucking metal bro.
4. when did they rehearse?
5. 4:42 where was he keeping the pipe?
6. 5:00 Black Charlie Brown
7. 5:15 racial myths about monsters
8. 5:56 Hannah finds a recent dead body and does not report the authorities due to it 'not being a scary monster.'
9. Its not even 6 minutes in and I'm already at No. 9.
10. This reminds me of the Mighty No. 9.
11. As I reach no. 11 it is currently 11:01 PM.
12. 6:04 Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil parallels.
13. 6:12 Jimmy's razor eye brows.
14. 6:45 the Spook house is know to not have residence in this realm, Hannah as a local should know this.
15. Went to use bathroom, theres a streak of something from behind a picture, too scared to investigate.
16. 7:04 if the 'new kid' has to leave candy for the monsters every year, does that mean that this one friend group needs new kids EVERY year?
17. 7:11 is Fright Side capable of such a feat?
18. 7:25 why isn't the house locked by its land owner?
19. 7:50 Jimmy has an amazing talent of spooky shadow puppets.  This must be the work of an enemy stand.
20. 8:37 it takes all 4 of the older kids to hold the door against Hannah and her Kaioken.
21. 8:51 the tears of children call forth Hex Maniac.
22. 9:00 and her dead cat.
23. 9:00 was the cat ever alive to begin with?
24. 9:11 Scary Godmother shows a surprising amount of cleavage, HOT DAMN!
25. Thinking about 911 again.
26. 9:22 Hannah does not question the sudden appearance of what is obviously an albino shut-in having a mental episode.
27. 9:30 S.G.M. keeps tabs on children's names.
28. 9:40 S.G.M spews spider webbing.
29. 10:00 if Hannah said she was scarred of monsters then how would that good luck be apparent at that moment?  Thats equivalent to saying that I'm scarred of Islam terrorists then my scary godmother said boi-oh-boi are you in luck, some of my friends are Islam terrorists!  But I'm just nit-picking here.
30. 10:07 S.G.M takes another youth.
31. 10:20 the sudden altitude shift isn't enough to blow out Hannah's ear drums or knock her out.  This must be due to her intense training.
32. 10:43 Hannah is scarred of haunted mansions but not super-jail clouds forming right in front of her.
33. 11:42 the grown kids suspect they might of just committed a murder.
34. 12:11 Skully literally just came out of the closet in a chip & dales uniform.  I now realize how much of a double meaning this joke is.
35. Skull has no muscle mass to keep his bone structure together.  His existence is a major threat to the scientific community.
36. 12:29 Skully is over 300 years old, he's lived long enough to see the rise of America.  The secrets he holds frightens me.
37. 12:42 I believe Skullys brother Jack dosnt mention him among friends.
38. 13:09 Skully knows the secrets of others, while saying that some dont have any.  This is his Stand.
39. 13:14 Skully will murder to keep ones secret.
40. 13:48 Most if not all spiders will always bite you, even if not venomous. This is a bad allegory Skully.
41. 15:17 Catwoman puts the moves on Deadly Candy.
42. 15:26 What a Cock Block Charley Brown
43. 15:30 Jimmies odd knowledge of SUV's.
44. 15:42 Charlie Brown makes a good point.
45. 15:45 Jimmy acknowledges this wisdom.
46. 16:15 This ass hole.
47. 16:26 Why do they invite Harry over if they only throw shade at him?  Maybe its to hide their own flaws as seemingly immortal beings.
48. 17:45 What a Weeb.
49. 17:53 thats an issue Harry, not an episode.
50. 18:53 I have done this and they are pretty good.
51. 18:55 S.G.M thats a bitch move to do without saying excuse me.
52. 19:00 Skully decides to ignore this abuse by harassing Harry.
53. 19:20 S.G.M is bald under her hat.
54. 19:44 She did invite them in, or do you NEED to say your welcome in?  Who made these rules?  Or was this a test made by S.G.M?  If so, they passed.
55. 20:19 I get the vampires dont have reflections but neither do S.G.M or Hannah.
57. 21:05 Hannah plans to share a coffin with her parents and or other relatives.
58. 21:10 Do they not have homes to put their coffins in?
59. 12:47 the power of Christ will not help you here Hannah.
60. 24:32 It DID technically stop them, so her father is yet to be proven wrong.
61. 24:34 If this where a real attack, you'd be dead.
62. 24:47 That excuse didnt save me in the ghetto and it sure as hell wont save you.
63. 25:00 Hannahs blatant racism is a major party foul.
64. 25:32 Is S.G.M and Skully free loading on Bugga-Boo?
65. 25:45 S.G.M and Co. have unleashed the ancient native people from poltergeist.
67. It has taken me an hour to reach the end of the first half of the movie.
68. 25:45 Jimmy reflects on his actions as a human and how they may be punished as a mortal soul.
69. Hehe.
70. 26:48 Harry uses D4C to infiltrate there universe.
71. 27:17 they must have been waiting for what could only be over 2-3 hours in the cold October night.
72. 27:20 STEP OFF.
73. 27:27 Jimmy's authority is questioned.
74. 28:42 Jimmy's mental strength far surpasses his pears.  This is why he will obtain immortality and reject his humanity. 
75. 28:47 I've never been this happy to win at Rock Paper Scissors in my life!  Get out of here kid!
76. 31:14 You were LITERALLY just talking to nearly everyone.
77. 32:42: Skully eats for the sick thrill.
78. 33:00 Voldemort is most likely from ancient Mesopotamia.
79. 33:30 Diablo Brothers is willing to kill for its clientele.  Thats service.
80. 33:43 I feel most people eat Pizza with cheese, those who dont I ignore, and therefore cannot exist.  Unless you physically cant then thats a different story.
81. 33:48 He had already said he didnt like small children before.
82. 34:00 Who pays Bugga-Boo?
83. 34:14 the order does not just subside on what these two want, Harry is just trying to be an asshole right now.
84. 34:42 How does this skeleton have a lisp?
85. 34:50 and just like that S.G.M is back into crippling financial debt.
86. 35:20 Harry keeps a wallet full of moths just for this gag.
87. 35:23 S.G.M Takes Bugga Boos main source of income.
88. 35:53 S.G.M slams the door right. In his. Face. Savage.
89. 36:39 though you like olives, that pizza is depressingly void of any.
90. Now seeing the pizza closer, I see the error in my perception.
91. 37:12 that joke was actually pretty funny to me.
92.37:35 how come no one else gets candy then?  And where did you get that piece?  You threw your only bar into the basement.
93. 38:30 S.G.M uses her stand Bite The Dust on the audience.
94. 39:24 Jimmy uses Charlie Browns semi-rational fears against him, how weak.
95. 40:36 Someone please make Jimmy's line an audio file that I may use to my leisure.
96. 40:39 This is a joke I want to use more frequently.
97. 41:06 Catwomans anatomy is beyond my comprehension.
98. 42:40 Jimmy admits his own flaw.
99. 42:50 what shall be on my tombstone.
100. 43:17 actually horrifying.
101. 43:59 the world would be a better place if only his demise was true.
102. 44:29 these events will trigger a future disaster and many many therapy sessions for Jimmy in the future.
103. 45:00 And thus the end to a cinematic classic comes to a close.
What a nostalgic spiritual journey for me.
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